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Training knowledge: what benefits does weightlifting derivatives bring for athletes?

Training knowledge: what benefits does weightlifting derivatives bring for athletes?

There are some movements on the sports field such as sprint, change-direction, jump, accelerating, first-step, and brake. These are all relevant to power.

Speaking of weightlifting derivatives, their characteristics are similar to sports movements. It is effective for athletes to enhance sports performance if they properly do weightlifting derivatives for training. Here are the reasons why athletes should perform weightlifting derivatives.

1.Movement patterns and angles of joints

Both sprint and jump are done by fast extension of the three joints: hips, knees, and ankles. Looking into movements of basketball, similarly pull-up, dunk, rebound and first-step, the angles of joints are identical to weightlifting derivatives.

2.Rapidly generating power

Speaking of sprint, change of direction, and jump, it takes less than 250 millisecond to contract the muscle. It is required to have great quality of lower body strength speed for weightlifting derivatives.

3.Developing power

As we all know power = force x velocity, the characteristic of weightlifting derivatives is powerful and fast. It can effectively develop not only strength but also speed.

4.Ability to absorb momentum

When it comes to basketball, there are lots of landings and changes in direction during the course of a basketball game. Weightlifting derivatives can build great eccentric strength of lower body and capacity of absorbing momentum.

5.Torso stability and correct power pattern.

Given appropriate movement patterns of weightlifting derivatives, it is essential to have great torso stability and correct power pattern.

6.Specific ankle for sports

Observing one-leg jump and two-leg jump, one-leg jumpers have less ankle flexion than two-leg jumpers. In order to translate to sports situations , it is acceptable to adjust the range of movement.

When doing clean weight presses, there are some differences between catching and non-catching bar. The former one needs more body mobility and weight lifting skills, which does not mean the former one is more beneficial. Take a basketball player for example. I hope my client is a basketball player who can perform weight lifting instead of weight lifter who can play basketball.

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