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Rear-foot-elevates split squat. RFESS


Rear-foot-elevates split squat. RFESS

This workout is aimed to provide less tension on the lower back but more on legs.

Because barbell squat involves multiple and great joint flexibility, this workout is proper way for those who has poor ankle flexibility.

During this workout try not to round your back because we usually do this while leg training.

In addition to enhancing strength and building good balance, hip flexibility, core muscle and leg power can be improve as well with this type of workout.

How deep should me legs go with this training ? I recommend putting a foam pad under my knee to control the landing strike so you can make a gentle contact.

Also, it can buffer the knee strike to prevent injuries.

What tools you choose depends on what sports you play and your training method, like barbell, dumbbell, kettle bell and medicine ball.

With different strength training options, you can utilize different angles and accessories when performing this method.

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