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Training myth: quantity is more important than quality for lower body training?


Training myth: quantity is more important than quality for lower body training?

According to contraction character, scientists have classified skeletal muscle fiber

into three types.

Fast twitch muscle including two types: Iix and IIa.

Slow twitch muscle: I type

I type fibers are also called slow oxidative muscle and red muscle.

IIa type fibers are called Fast-oxidative fibers and pink muscle.

IIx type fibers are called fast glycolytic fibers and white muscle.

Regarding muscle contraction speed, power factor, maximum power, the value of IIx is much greater than IIa and I. Endurance athletes and long-distance runners have a vast proportion of slow twitch muscle, while explosive power players and short-distance runner have a high ratio of fast twitch muscle.

Normally, non-athletes typically have an equal ratio of fast and slow twitch muscles. Genes have a effect on the rate/type of muscle fibers. It can be quite hard to change them even if you train very hard. However, IIa type fibers can be developed to either fast twitch muscle fibers or slow ones by the proper training method.

With this knowledge, we can understand that innate muscle fibers plays a major role and contributes to extraordinary talents.

We’re going to talk about the motor unit. Human muscle is made of muscle

fibers generated by central nerve system. The collection of nerves controlling

muscle fibers is a motor unit. The more motor unit you generate, the more strength you have. Nevertheless, humans have the ability to utilize energy efficiently, and it’s not necessary to recruit all of the units if mechanical tension is not tremendous.

How we generate slow or fast twitch muscle depends on how big mechanical tension is. If we want to improve maximum strength, we have to cultivate the ability to recruit fast twitch muscle.

With my introduction and description on muscle theory, now we can answer the question which is more important, quantity or quality. Really, it depends on your training method. The people who have the desire to improve their athletic pursuits and to improve their overall sport performance should concentrate on high intensity and smaller repetition which is pretty much more quality.

On the other hand, it is not suitable for people who do not work out consistently and do not desire to achieve optimal athletic performances to use the high intensity method. Therefore they may benefit from more repetition and quantity in their workup regimens.

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