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Rapid eccentric isometrics

Rapid eccentric isometrics Rapid eccentric isometrics is similar to eccentric isometrics apart from one key difference. Instead of slow eccentric phase before pausing in the stretched position, lifters perform a rapid eccentric movement facilitated by antagonist muscle contraction. Rapid eccentric isometrics is an advanced training technique that provides a highly effective training stimulus when performed properly. The first thing before heading into REI is to be able to perform EI with great movement and heavy loads. The more rapid eccentric phase is the greater dynamic response. Eccentric contractions at high velocities can elicit maximal levels of sensory feedback from muscle spindles. Speaking of proper forms of REI, it is difficult to consciously make adjustments while performing REI. You can only correct REI after the movements happen, which is risky and futile. REI is regard as the most powerful form of feedback and best for reinforcing proper mechanics that have already been established using standard EI. Trainers are used to enhancing rate of force development by focusing on concentric movement. Generating high a amount of force during concentric movement is determined by first decelerate the eccentric phase and absorb impact. The more efficient eccentric phase happens the faster the transition to produce force during concentric phase. What ends up happening is to improve completely amortization. REI aims is aimed to rapidly activate the nervous system and recruit all available motor units as quickly as possible.

Regarding range of movement, it depend on clients’ movement and goal.

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