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Training myth: The more weight you can squat equals the higher you can jump?


Training myth: The more weight you can squat equals the higher you can jump?

The truth is we have to generate maximum power and lower body muscle activation rather than relying solely on the weight value for an accurate correlation of performance.

Sometimes when we complete a high intensive training program, we fail to address muscle contraction speed and in turn limit the efficiency of our workout.

A concept of explosive power:


The most important thing to training explosive power is to maximize P. However, if you squat heavy weights, the velocity will be slow. On the other hand, If you squat too fast, that means too light to stimulus muscle strength.

In order to jump higher or run faster, you have to focus on speed of muscle contraction along with maximum power.

Therefore, periodization training is the best way to develop obviously effective power.

I’d like to share this concept about strength and power from my former coach. He said that strength is just like a bottle, and power is the liquid. Therefore, great strength and power come hand in hand and to achieve one you will get both.

With this method, we can understand why heavy weightlifters fail to jump high. The problem lies in the lack of variety of training methods and not the current training method itself.

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